Burn Book
The Burn Book was a blog created by Keely Red. The Burn Book's purpose is to diss about the student's or talk about the events happening around the university. Keely lost and gained followers from the blog, where it was rated with one star. 


The Burn Book made it's debut in "University Life", where Andrew joked around about the blog. In the early days of The Burn Book, Keely was unsuccessful with the blog because of the grammar mistakes and horrible subjects. But as the series gone further, Keely gained success by making proper grammar posts, disses on some of the students and some of the good and bad things revolving around the campus. 


NOTE: These are the most notable posts in The Burn Book. Also, these were in the courtesy of the original AndrewArcade wiki, where it is provided here in the remake wiki. 

  • If the Rumors are True, I`m Pretty Excited About Workplace Shenanigans.
  • No Age Restrictions on Pedobears
  • Paula made out with a hot dog #BurnBookBlog (the most popular one :3)
  • That bitch Nina just slapped my boyfriend! #ratchethoe
  • Paula cheated on her Hotdog boyfriend with a tofu dog. #foreveralone #cheatercheater
  • That Werewolf looks up my skirt 24/7 Its only okay if it was Taylor Lautner.
  • OMG! I heard Paula`s phone screen smashed, it have been her reflection.
  • Truth is, All That Time We Spent Together, I Was Thinking about the First Time.
  • Babs is a 10 on the Britney scale.
  • Mercury is such an attention seekser, the party was going great until she started screaming