Scruffy Grapes
Biographical information
Full name: Scruffy Grapes-Pineapple
Birthplace: Neighborhood 1
Status: Alive
Age: Adult
Residence: Neighborhood 1
Occupation: Scientist
Other information
Nickname: Uncle Scruffy
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blond
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Bella Grapes (wife)
Family: Bella Grapes (wife), Cassandra Goth (stepdaughter), Alexander Goth (stepson), Bill Grapes (brother), Bethany Grapes (sister-in-law), Danny Grapes (nephew), Paula Grapes (adoptive grandniece)
Scruffy Grapes/Pineapple is one of the original main characters of The Sims. He was the former roommate of Bill and Bethany Grapes, the twin brother of Fluffy Pineapple and the honorary uncle of Danny and Paula Grapes.


Scruffy is a light-skinned male with medium-length dark blonde hair and a little bit of facial hair. During the first few episodes, Scruffy wore the same clothes as Bob Newbie; a greasy green shirt and unbuttoned jeans. While using that outfit, Scruffy was fat. After installing the Livin' Large expansion pack, Andrew switched his filthy outfit for a Vegas-style leisure suit with heavy jewelry and some chest hair. When he used this outfit, Scruffy was either thin or fit.


Scruffy is shown to be a playful and kind-hearted man. He was a bit sloppy and lazy, however but worked hard for his promotions.


  • Scruffy is the only character in the original cast to become a scientist.
  • His bedroom at the Grapes' house had a flashy Las Vegas theme with a vibrating heart-shaped bed and lava lamps.
  • He was the first person to use the second toilet at the Grapes' household.
  • Scruffy has been married twice. His first marriage was to Bella Goth whom he imprisoned in a "torture chamber" for a few days. She later died while attempting to repair the television. His second and current marriage was to Chris Roomies whom he married after moving in with his brother Fluffy.