Paula Grapes
Paula Grapes
Biographical information
Full name: Paula Grapes
Birthplace: SimVille
Status: Alive
Age: Young Adult
Residence: SimVille (formerly)

Roaring Heights (currently)

Occupation: Chef
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde (formerly)

Red (currently)

Eye color: Green
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Marilyn Torrance-Grapes (wife)
Family: Bill Grapes (adoptive grandfather), Bethany Grapes (adoptive grandmother), Scruffy Grapes (adoptive granduncle), Danny Grapes (father)
Paula Grapes is one of the main characters in The Sims 3 Combined. She appeared in the first season and the third season of the series. Paula is a graduate of Sims University with a degree in Business and is currently working as a chef in Roaring Heights. 


Paula's college appearance is that she has a blonde ponytail and wears a nude short sleeve with red curvy designs on it, matching shorts and shoes ("Roaring Heights"). Her appearance changes from time to time until she became a PlantSim, where the default costume was called 'hideous' on her ("Charles The Evil Chicken").  Paula's second appearance is that she has her newly dyed red hair and the clothes from Roaring Heights ("Roaring Heights"). 


Paula is an hopeless romantic sim who is a great gatherer, natural cook and a crazy party animal. She is said to be homewrecking Buster and Babs' relationship, since she slow danced with Buster in college. Paula seems to be the nerd of the Season 1 household, where Keely was the stereotypical mean girl towards her ("TBA"). She was treated as 'Janice' from 'Mean Girls', because Keely framed her as a lesbian, in which had been granted ("TBA"). Paula has a nerd reputation, because Andrew wanted to have the Season 1 household to have different reputations.


  • Paula is the first character in the series to be lesbian.
  • She is the first character to date his/her enemy in the series.
  • She is the first character in the series to transform into another life form.