Bethany Grapes
Biographical information
Full name: Bethany Grapes
Status: Alive
Age: Adult
Residence: SimVille
Occupation: Politician
Biker (formerly)
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Bill Grapes (husband)
Family: Bill Grapes (husband), Scruffy Grapes (brother-in-law), Danny Grapes (son), Paula Grapes (adoptive granddaughter)
Bethany Grapes is one of the main characters of The Sims. She serves as a politician in the politician profession and was a former biker as revealed in the series.


Bethany has blonde shoulder-leingth hair. She wears an pre-made blue officewear for women with black tights and a pair of matching heels. However, Bethany changed her look after battling Bella for her red dress, in which she won and gave her old blue office wear to Bella to wear.


Bethany is said to be a good mother towards Danny, however she is the very rude towards other Sims, especially Bella Goth for her designer dress. She used to be a biker, where she presumably had a rebellious reputation towards police. 


  • Bethany surprisingly formerly used biker, despite being mean and all.
  • She is the only character in in the household who has the longest biography, where it was revealed that she used to be a biker and had hated Bella for her $10,000 designer dress.
  • She is the first person to use the second shower, ever since the renovation.