Andrew Garcia
, also known as AndrewArcade, is YouTube gaming commentator. He plays many games, and the titles he is best known for playing are Animal Crossing and The Sims. He is known for his The Sims 3 CombinedThe Sims and his Animal Crossing: New Leaf series. He formerly made videos under the name HeadbuttArcade. 


Source: AndrewArcade Website

Andrew makes Let's Plays on YouTube and streams on Twitch under the username Andrew Arcade. He used to be known as Headbutt Arcade in 2009-2010 but around that time he became very depressed and deleted that account due to the passing of his grandfather.

In 2012, he decided to start making videos and stream again under the username Andrew Arcade. He resumed creating videos and streaming in 2009, which in return helped to ease his anxieties and give him peace of mind. Since 2009 he has been creating videos on and off again, often taking breaks for personal reasons. 

Personal Life

Source: AndrewArcade Website

Andrew is of Mexican descent and is 23 years old. His birthday is November 15, 1990 which makes him a Scorpio if you're into that kind of thing. He's gay, just throwing that in there because it's a thing that is commonly asked. His favorite color is red and his favorite food is pizza.

His mother says pizza was one of the first words he ever learned how to say. He recently moved to Utah so that he could be independent and not live with his parents anymore. He originally is from California which is where his family including his dog resides. He lives with a roommate who goes by the nickname Charlie Brown, you might hear him in some of his streams or videos.

He plans to live in Utah for about a year or two and then move back to California. The cost of living there in Utah is substantially lower than California so he is trying to save up as much money as he can so when he move back to California he can live comfortably. 

He is also a dog person and he has a 15 year old Pomeranian named Mikko who lives with his parents. 


  • Andrew is a major fan of Nintendo games as well as 'The Sims' series, this will be extremely apparent if you were to watch his videos.
  • Andrew is also a fan of the video game 'Persona 4', but he is sad because he hasn't played it on his PSVita yet.
  • Andrew revealed many things about his interests on his websites, where some of the facts are:
    • He listens to the recording artist, Lana Del Rey.
    • He enjoys watching Netflix's Orange Is The New Black.
    • His favorite expansion packs of The Sims series are Makin' Magic and Supernatural.
    • He enjoyed doing the Let's Plays 'Ambitions', 'Late Night' and 'Supernatural'.
    • He didn't enjoy doing his 'World Adventures' Let's Play, resulting the series to end terribly.
    • Andrew is a Insomniac.